Year 2915 - As more relics are discovered across the inner planets more people are becoming interested in the time before the great wars. For their part the Militia has been buying up, seizing, and digging up relics at a staggering pace looking for any technology that could be used to further military dominance. Some of the old texts talk about a great gateway in the stars. Some scientists believe early space travelers used a now collapsed worm hole.

Space Travel

Space is currently navigated by a series of jump drives that allows fast travel between numerous pockets of space. Between the different solar systems that have been colonized, large gates have been installed to greatly increase the commerce between the different areas of the galaxy. Exploration is on going.

Gate Technologies

Between the Neutral Zone, Velic Zone, and Gen Zone massive gates have been installed. They work to create artificial worm holes between two locations. This can take a massive amount of power so the gates only connect when a ship is ready to jump. These gates are so important to space travel that pirates and hostile actors rarely tamper with the gates. The few times they have the response from Militia forces has been devastating.


The Endymion class of ships greatly out guns most ships of the same size and class. These ships are contracted out only to the Militia forces and the plans to assemble and build the ships are one of the best kept secrets in the galaxy. These ships allow the Militia a near monopoly in combat situations unless heavily outnumbered. Currently the non-Militia ship yards are closely monitored to make sure shops more powerful than the Endymion don’t fall into the wrong hands. There is rumors of factions in the most outer rims with powerful ships that could match the Endymion Class, but nothing has ever been proven.

Rin Sightings

The Rin, a group of people who broke off during the great wars and took refuge outside the core systems have in recent years started to venture further into the core to harass traders and Militia forces. If you are going into Rin territory you should do so in numbers and be cautious. Rarely do the Militia and their considerable firepower venture far from the home systems to help travelers.


Increasingly an issue, pirates continue to raid trade lanes inside the Neutral and Velic Zones the guilds have been fighting back and forth without a united solution. The Militia have been refusing to venture out of the core systems, but do attack and occasionally destroy them inside the core when they cross paths. Additionally the terrorist Klynn have been assisting the pirates with destroying trade ships and stealing the cargo. Both look forward to the day the central government falls.


United Miners Corporation is currently looking for young, enthusiastic, daring young people to come mine Asteroids in the core systems and beyond. Make your fortune in this very dangerous profession. We are specifically looking for pilots who do not have families to go home to. This job is not for the weak. Pay is competitive, overtime guaranteed, sign up now and start a career in space mining!

Galactic Council

The Galactic council currently consists of numerous heads of guilds who try to make the galaxy a more profitable and safer place…. In theory. Guild leaders often only angle to increase their power and the power of their guilds. The galaxy is a very dangerous place, and your best friend today, could be invading your planet tomorrow.

Game Features

  • 2D point and click.
  • Massive amount of customizable ships, weapons,and load outs.
  • Multiple AI with multiple purposes, goals of their own, and major attitudes.
  • Ever expanding universe with regular content releases.
  • Monthly Battle Arena and Developer Tournaments with special prizes.
  • Free To play
  • Guild System.

Minimum Requirements

  • Dual Core Processor
  • 1 GB RAM Memory
  • 500 MB HD space
  • Constant Internet connection